An Unbelievable Opportunity: My Internship with the Washtenaw County Trial Court

Well, where to begin? I suppose that is a question that takes a moment of reflection: Where do I begin? Do I start with my entry into college, into the realms of higher education that sought to prepare me for the responsibilities of the professional world? Do I begin in high school or even eighth grade english class, classes on a topic I thought was “dumb,” stupid” pointless, etc etc. ? Or do I begin this story earlier still, from growing up seeing the harsh realities of what life was like outside the comfortable realm of loving family life, and knowing from an early age that I wanted to help people.

While my motivations may be overerly simplified and perhaps a bit  clique’, It would be untruthful to describe my motivation as anything different. I wanted to be a police officer, I wanted to be an FBI agent, I wanted to be a Senator, I wanted to be CIA Agent, I wanted to be President, to be Diplomat, to be Security Executive, the list goes on and on. Despite changing slightly in specifics over the years, my motivations for school, for work, for life have changed very little: I still want to help people; I still want to be someone who is an example of integrity and decency; a person who respects, and has the respect of others. Now, I know all this seems a bit like mushy teary eyed reminiscence directed off into a tangent having more  to do with some  golden, youthful idealism then an introduction to my experience as a college intern. Yes, it may be that as well but in reality, it is  the perfect introduction to what has been an unrivaled opportunity; an opportunity not only to gain valuable networking skills, to establish a professional persona,and to learn the politics and interactions of the law but more importantly, to help people – to gain perspective.

Simply being able to gain one or two of these things would be well worth the unpaid hours and the weekly assignments, but to receive all of these things to make an entrance into the professional world, to see the intimate details of the legal process, and to gain, at least some assurance, that despite the realities of life tarnishing the  light of nieve idealism or nieve ideallism blinding us from the realities of life, there still remains opportunities to see the world as it really is; to see both the light and dark, and be able, not only to gain perspective on one’s fortunate place in the world, but to help create a little more light. Sometimes having such opportunities is simple; all one has to do is ask.


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